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Solo circumnavigator

Having decided to embark on a solo mission to circumnavigate the globe by bicycle I researched the market for a GPS tracker that would meet my requirements. SPOT has exceeded my expectations. The tracking service has enabled my family, friends and social network followers to become part of my journey, following me through the winding route of the River Danube, the Black Sea coastline of Turkey, the desert and mountains of Iran, the high altitude plateau of the Pamirs, the Silk road route through the central 'stans and western China and now through the jungle and hills of South East Asia.


SPOT has performed in temperatures ranging from -30'C to +42'C and through monsoons, sand storms and blizzards. As a female cycling alone the check-in service has reassured my family and friends that each night I have found somewhere safe to wild camp or a family to stay with and the custom message has informed them each morning that I have had a peaceful rest and am on my way again. For 13,000km to date SPOT has never let me down and I would highly recommend this lightweight reliable tracker that has to me become a reassuring companion to accompany me on my journey.

Wayne Fischer PDF Imprimir Correo electrónico
Jueves 11 de Marzo de 2010 15:41

Snowmobile-Headline2New SPOT 2 Works Great for Snowmobiling

One of my sons gave me a SPOT 2 for Christmas. When I tried to activate the SPOT 2, I found out it was recalled due to a battery sensor problem. On February 25th, I finally received my new 2nd generation SPOT device.

I have gone out snowmobiling once with the new SPOT 2, plus my other son has traveled with it for a day. I am happy to report it worked very well in the trees, on the snow high in the mountains and as well as on the open roads.

The SPOT 2 can be a great snowmobile safety item that some of you snowmobilers may want to carry in the future. It also can provide valuable information back to your family and friends during your snowmobile rides.

The SPOT 2 can do 5 things for you:

1. Send a waypoint to a Google Map every 10 minutes when it is activated.

2. Send a short Check-in message to your family and/or friends

3. Send a short Custom message to your family and/or friends

4. Send a Help message to family and/or friends

5. Send an SOS, effectively a 911 call to the big guns for rescue


My two sons are very concerned about their “old man” (me) when I go snowmobiling for the day. I ran my tracks (a waypoint every 10 minutes) from the time I left my home until I return at the end of day. They were able to log on to my SPOT website to see my exact location within the last 10 minutes and to see where I have been since I left my home.

Text and Email Messages

I also sent both boys a phone text message and an email message when I was just about to leave the trailhead at Little Truckee Summit with my friends for the day’s ride. When I got back to the trailhead, I repeated the same message, thereby indicating I had a safe ride for the day. The SPOT website allows you to send any combination of up to 10 phone text and email messages to family and friends.


With a little bit of clever computer work, you can download your SPOT 2 waypoints and plot them on a map at the end of day. You can also save the map and waypoints for future reference.

Where to Carry the SPOT

SPOT recommends that the SPOT 2 device always be facing up for best results. The SPOT 2 device uses two satellite systems. The first is the GPS satellites to receive and decode your exact location.

The second satellite system is the communication satellites that are used to transmit up your waypoints and messages. This information is then retransmitted back to earth and routed to cell phones and/or email servers. Since I always carry a backpack with essential survival gear, I used the supplied SPOT 2 carrying case secured to the top left shoulder backpack strap. This way it is always facing up. Also if I were to get separated from my sled, I have the SPOT 2 to summon help.

Usage of a cell phone to call for help in emergencies should remain your first choice. But if you are unable to get a cell phone signal, then you have a backup means to call for help. There is no iPhone / ATT cell phone signal at the Little Truckee Summit trailhead. The SPOT 2 worked great to provide the extra communication with family.

Be Safe Snowmobiling and always be prepared for the unexpected.


Wayne Fischer

Tahoe Sierra Snowmobile Club
Tom & Vicki Joines PDF Imprimir Correo electrónico
Jueves 07 de Enero de 2010 14:55


Me and my wife's biggest concern about going to Antartica was the safety factor and not being able to contact anyone if anything happened to us. Several ships have been stuck in the ice recentely and one ship has sunk in Antartica. My wife was well aware of this and was very hestitant about taking this cruise and landing on the ice for the daily walks with the penguins. I then found out about the SPOT GPS device and I took it home to my wife and showed her that we could use this to track our trip and we could use the 911 in case of any emergency. This device enabled us to to take this trip to Antartica and not have to worry about our fears. It worked like a charm and our OK signals were received on a daily basis. Fortunately we did not have to use the 911 feature!!  I would recommend taking the SPOT GPS device to any remote area to ease any fears about being lost.

Tom & Vicki Joines
Half Moon Bay, CA

Greg Beaty PDF Imprimir Correo electrónico
Miércoles 21 de Octubre de 2009 12:45
I deployed to Afghanistan as an International Police Advisor July of 2008. Knowing that communication with my family was going to be limited, I purchased a SPOT device before deployment. My hopes were that I could send an "OK" message back home from time to time allowing my family and friends some peace of mind. For the last 16 months I have traveled through numerous Districts and Provinces within Afghanistan in an effort to build a secure and competent police force. My SPOT device has sent numerous “OK” messages back home to my family and friends. On 5-OCT my SPOT device was put to the ultimate test. I had programmed my “HELP” function to notify the TOC (Tactical Operations Center) within my region in cases of emergency. While traveling to a remote training site, the second vehicle in our convoy had a severe mechanical breakdown. We pulled to the shoulder of the road in a very remote mountain canyon. We attempted to reach the TOC with both radios inside our up-armored truck. Neither radio worked. We all had cell phones, but no signal. The high mountain tops were blocking every form of communication we had. We were suddenly stranded 40 minutes from the closest safe-haven with no communication. As a last resort I activated the “HELP” function on my SPOT device. After a few minutes stranded on the side of the road we began to tow the stranded vehicle up the mountain pass. We traveled at a very slow pace for several miles before we were able to get a signal on a cell phone. My “HELP” request had already alerted the TOC to my location and request for help. With grid coordinates from my SPOT the TOC had already dispatched a QRF (Quick Reaction Force) from two different sites to our location. It was a great feeling to know that help was on the way and someone was tracking our every movement via my SPOT. After towing the stranded vehicle for over twenty minutes we were finally met by two separate teams that safely escorted us to our destination. With the “HELP” of my SPOT device we were able to request assistance and make it safely back to our training site. I have always been a proponent of SPOT. Being a motorcycle adventurist, the technology and assistance the SPOT offers is well worth the expense. Thank you for offering such a low cost service to the general public. As a result of my experience, I will be a life time owner and subscriber to your technology. Thanks again. Your technology is saving lives. -Greg Beaty
Dr. Michael Dowdy PDF Imprimir Correo electrónico
Viernes 18 de Septiembre de 2009 23:22
We use several SPOT personal tracking devices in our behavioral health practice. We are a private practice that provides mental health services to children, teens and adults. Some of our staff work as case managers which means that they provide services in the community and oftentimes have to go to the homes of individuals.  While we have strict policies to protect them and to provide for their safety, they sometimes find themselves in unpredictable situations. By having them carry a SPOT personal tracking device they feel more secure in knowing that help is only a button push away. In addition, knowing that the device will allow law enforcement to track in the event they were ever abducted is another very positive point for them. We do require that they keep the device hidden from the view of others so that no one is aware that they have it on them.  

We are accredited by CARF, one of the best known and most respected names in accreditation.  Following our recent re-accreditation process and survey we were awarded three exemplary ratings for our services. One of the exemplary ratings was in case management services and one thing that secured that for us was the innovative use of the SPOT personal tracking device as a safety measure for our staff. We were very happy with the results, especially in light of the fact most agencies and practices strive all of their lives to earn one exemplary rating, and we there able to earn three in one survey, and one of them with the help of SPOT.

I would strongly urge other organizations to use the Spot personal messaging device for use in the community as we do for case managers. It provides real security to the employee and peace of mind to the employer. I hope that future models can be made smaller. Having a smaller unit would be great for our use and allow the individual user to conceal it more easily.  

Keep up the good work.

Dr. Michael Dowdy
I Cannot Believe the SPOT Device Saved my Life the Day I Received it! PDF Imprimir Correo electrónico
Jueves 30 de Abril de 2009 11:03

As posted on SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger Reviews:

I Cannot Believe the SPOT Device Saved my Life the Day I Received it!

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